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capturing value from the metaverse

Web 3.0 in financial services podcast

Hear from futurist Ronit Ghose, Head of Emerging and Future Technologies at Citi and Sankar Krishnan, Digital Assets leader at Capgemini, as they share recent research and marketplace insights, and some current and future best practices for financial services, when engaging with the metaverse.

The metaverse is of increasing interest across all industries and engagement is growing — but exactly what is it, and how might companies best move forward in capturing value from this new, virtual shared space?

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About Web 3.0 in Financial Services

Welcome to Web 3.0 podcast, a new series where we explore the evolution of web technologies in financial services. In each episode, our host, Sankar Krishnan, talks to leaders and practitioners about their stories and experiences in the field of metaverse, digital assets, blockchain, decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, machine learning, AI, to name a few.

About the host