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Financial services

Using Technology and EcosystemS to Unlock the Potential of Digital Assets

Digital assets are growing quickly, with modern technologies and products creating demand for new investment services.

Several banks, including central banks, as well as governments and regulators, have already begun their exploratory journey in this space. In this Everest Group paper, explore how traditional financial institutions (FIs) can leverage their strength areas to venture and accelerate in the digital assets business.

With blockchain technology evolving to address the challenges of scalability and security, several use cases are emerging in the digital assets space. Be it digital currencies, tokenization of assets, custody solutions for crypto-derivatives or even non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital assets offer real-time and efficient transactions, reduced cost, increased liquidity and enhanced transparency and security.

Capitalizing on their large customer base and trusted relationships, traditional banks can offer new digital asset products and services. Banks could digitize their core products such as securities, bonds, etc., offer new services around custody, security, payments, asset management etc., or even design new crypto-based products to their customers. Leveraging their deep understanding of the local market, and close customer relationships, banks could create a personalized experience for digital assets and stay ahead of the curve.

In this Everest Group report, readers can explore :

  • The growth opportunities for financial services firms as the demand rises for digital assets
  • The challenges across the asset value chain – from product development to market launch to investor purchase
  • How a hybrid platform that combines traditional and digital assets can enable financial institutions to adopt digital assets at speed and scale
  • The business case for co-creation model with partners to combine, package, and offer products/services along the full customer life cycle

Download the full report to learn more