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Top Trends in Capital Markets 2020

Drawing from intelligent automation, data-driven compliance and deep customer insights, the future of capital markets is taking shape. This report aims to understand and analyze the top trends in the Capital Markets this year and beyond.

A host of regulatory changes were introduced globally in 2019 to bring about greater transparency in the capital markets industry. Regulatory changes are forcing capital markets to innovate and undertake initiatives to ensure cost-effective and efficient compliance. Capital market firms are moving to data-driven compliance to ensure standards in the use, distribution, and protection of valuable customer data. Customer engagement and satisfaction have been a burning issue for the industry for quite some time. Firms are under pressure to improve customer service, especially within today’s competitive landscape. Therefore, capital market participants are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to drive intelligent solutions to streamline and optimize current operational processes. Firms must understand customers’ demands and generate insights to anticipate needs and enhance satisfaction. Deep customer insights will enable firms to develop products with strong value propositions based on information generated via analysis of vast amounts of data.