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Thought Provoked: Industry Leaders Discuss Data Protection and Privacy in the age of AI

AIE Hyderabad recently showcased its commitment to “Tech for Good” by organizing a round table discussion on “Data Protection in Traditional and Generative AI” in collaboration with NASSCOM and the Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM). The event brought together experts from academia, industry, government, and legal sectors to address the crucial need for data privacy and protection in the era of AI.

Distinguished participants, including representatives from ServiceNow, Broadridge, Uber, ZF, Tempus Law, Stoicus Legal, the Government of Telangana, ISB, and IIT-Hyderabad, gathered to exchange knowledge and collaborate on this critical topic. Capgemini was well-represented by Nisheeth Srivastava, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer – India, Capgemini, Ranjan Pradhan, Sr. Director Applied Innovation Exchange, Hyderabad, Capgemini India Sonu Kumar, Senior Consultant, Applied Innovation Exchange, Hyderabad, and Abhishek Shroti, Vice President at Capgemini India, who shared valuable insights from the company’s perspective.

During the symposium, participants delved into the complexities of traditional AI and generative AI and identified key areas of concern in data protection. Topics discussed included data sovereignty considerations in training LLMs, ethical data collection and privacy, Data Policy-as-a-Service, data ownership and governance, the challenge of LLMs, and the importance of collaboration among various stakeholders.

The event emphasized the unique role of academia in AI research, the vital contribution of startups and enterprises in scaling technology, and the necessity of agile governance for responsible AI data management. By working together, the stakeholders aim to foster a thriving AI ecosystem that upholds ethical practices.

This event served as a platform for celebrating innovation and promoting the exchange of ideas and initiatives dedicated to the principles of ethical AI.

Here is a glimpse of the event:

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