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Re-invent the Customer Experience with 5G

How telco operators and industry players can leverage new network capabilities to enable new services and re-invent the customer experience.

5G has large potential and many industry experts regard it as the most important enabler for digital transformation. 5G is reinventing the customer experience while redesigning the relationship and the operating model between telcos and vertical industries for their connectivity needs.

One example is the media and entertainment industry which is continuously changing and is now under even more pressure to accelerate its transformation by securing access, delivery and monetization of the right content for the right audience at the right time. Also new formats and experiences have to be developed. The 5G network offers high-speed bandwidth, high reliability, low latency, and can also manage larger density of connected devices.

Reinvent the customer experience with 5G

Media experts believe that 5G will transform the entire media landscape and that 5G is the beginning of a content revolution. “We see 5G changing everything about how media is produced and consumed,” Walt Disney Studios chief technology officer Jamie Voris said in an interview with Variety Monday.

In the age of 5G, we see new innovative services emerging. In Formula 1, 5G is considered as a key technology, unlocking new experiences designed to bring fans closer to the action in the world’s premier motorsport. In the gaming industry, Microsoft has formed partnerships with telecom operators worldwide to optimize xCloud game streaming technology, which allows gamers to play games on mobile devices while connected to the internet.

With 5G, the operating model between the media player and the telco operator is changing. 5G is opening up a completely different business compared to what telco operates today which implies new ways of selling, invoicing, and measuring. It also means that new requirements will be put on the operators, both from the consumers and the media players.

Together with our partners, Salesforce, Vlocity, and MATRIXX, we have created a live-event streaming use case to show a concrete example of what can be achieved using 5G. Please contact us below for a live demo.

Live-event video capture using mobile network today means high costs, quality issues and limited interactivity. 5G mobile networks enable new services and more flexible and interactive live events while maintaining quality of service. With 5G, the media company can request on-demand network usage through a platform that details their needs, and completely changes their operations. The media player is able to monitor its online usage, and even request on-the-fly add-on capacity.

In our illustration, the sports event production manager initiates a 5G slice order to capture the event in real time, ensuring end-to-end video quality. With just a few clicks, the event parameters are defined and the media company instantly receives an order summary with a quote. Reviewing and confirming the order online then triggers activation of the slice, and the media company can start using the service. Through this demo, we have achieved an end-to-end use case, from configuration of usage parameters and ordering a slice, to activation of the network slice.

This use case, illustrate in a good way, changes needed in the customer experience, operating model, E2E processes, core capabilities and solutions. The 5G-powered platform is enabled by a two-stack approach. The media company does the production planning, automated requests and ordering of slices towards the operators, as well as handles the live event by themselves while the operator adapts its catalogue to fit vertical needs and performs automated quoting and activation of slices.

To enable this, several new capabilities are needed from both the media company and the operator. Frame agreements are needed between the two parties, and the requests and quotes should be managed in an automated manner. The operator needs to change their product and offering structure – and make it much more dynamic. The media company needs to develop own capabilities to manage assets, planning, and financing, as well as have the ability to manage events fairly independently. The operator needs to build, activate, and manage the services including enable possibilities to up- and cross-sell.

“We chose this tactic because we felt confident that it was promising proving ground that will allow us to prepare for the next wave of digital transformation in the communications industry and for our customers.” Jean-Marie Pierron, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Vlocity, a Salesforce Company

“Consumers will demand new services which will open up opportunities for telcos to tailor interesting services and offerings towards media companies. The importance for telcos is to think through how to structure that offering, how to sell it, and how to be flexible enough to quickly change the offer that can be a good source of monetization of your investments in 5G.” Fredrik Gunnarsson, Global Digital Telco Lead, Capgemini Invent.

“Immersive media use-cases are a great example of how promise of 5G’s unconstrained mobility will unleash a new wave of compelling experiences.   Delighting consumers with these new experiences will create a sizable and sustainable monetization opportunity for Telcos and media organisations”. Jennifer Kyriakakis, Founder & VP Marketing, MATRIXX Software

5G creates opportunities for new services and business models. Media is just one examples – there are similar opportunities in other verticals, which we also develop in our 5G lab.

Today, the operators are far away from this new business model enabled by 5G and major changes are required from both the operator and the industry players in order to capture the opportunities. We can help operators utilize the full potential of 5G. Together, let us leverage the power of 5G to imagine, create, and monetize service and business models of the future.

To learn more about our 5G offering or schedule a live demo, connect with one of our experts.

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