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People Experience powered by Microsoft VIVA solution

Hybrid work has changed people expectations and priorities dramatically, accelerating the desire for a new era of personalized work experience that puts people first.

However, research shows that people are unhappy with legacy intranets, with many tools and static information:

  • Only 38% of employees enjoy self-service capabilities in HR and non-HR system[1]
  • 90% want a simpler life with a comprehensive one-stop-platform[2]
  • 9% of an employee’s annual work is spent toggling between apps and website[3]

It has become critical to ensure that people experience positive and sustainable environment at work. So, how do you engage and empower your people, drive seamless collaboration, increase productivity while continuing to keep them motivated?

Taking People Experience to the next level with Capgemini and Microsoft

Capgemini can help you transform your People Experience and engagement with our People Experience powered by Microsoft VIVA solution. By building meaningful connections we enable employees to easily access relevant communications, communities, and tools.

We can transform People Experience in your organisation irrespective of where they work from. Here’s how:

  • With a unique blend of our consulting expertise and with more than a two-decade long partnership with Microsoft, we provide you with a customized solution that addresses your organisation’s challenges, goals, and priorities
  • We help you build a human-centric workplace to improve people experience across all roles (including frontline employees)
  • We ensure digital adoption supported by gamification to realize the value of your investment.
  • With 6 (of 6) Solution Partner designations we are the top Microsoft Solutions Partner- Cloud

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[3] How Much Time and Energy Do We Waste Toggling Between Applications, Harvard Business Review

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