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On Demand Webinar: New Normal Demands Increased Cybersecurity Resilience

2021 will not see things return to normal – yet – but it will be the beginning of the transition back to normal. This will simultaneously require us to adapt while remaining resilient.

In 2021, organizations will continue to adapt to new business models and changing customer expectations simply because they must in the face of economic uncertainty, social movements, and changing geopolitics. This will have significant impact for information and IT security professionals across the globe.

This session discusses Forrester’s Cybersecurity predictions for 2021 including:

  • Increase of data breach causes by insider incidents
  • Repercussions for CISOs instilling a toxic security culture
  • Increased breaches to retail and manufacturing due to direct-to-consumer shift
  • At least one APAC government will embrace a Zero Trust cybersecurity framework

Panel discussion on cyber predictions for the year ahead featuring:

  • Jinan Budge – Principal Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals, Forrester
  • Alison Stretch – General Manager Cyber Security, IT, ME Bank
  • Pramod Kuksal – Director Cybersecurity, Capgemini Australia & New Zealand
  • Samir Khare – Vice President, CIS APAC Cybersecurity

Moderated by Keith Betts- Head of Cybersecurity, Capgemini Australia & New Zealand

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