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Live Stream Telford

In its 9th year, CWIN brought global insights with a local flavour to multiple cities across 16 countries. Focusing on the twin themes of Applied Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, events in the participating cities featured speakers, practitioners and industry experts on how businesses are applying disruptive technologies to drive results.

On September 26, 2018 our Telford office hosted CWIN with an exciting agenda. Pick your favourite topics and sessions from the agenda to watch the recordings.

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The CubeTopicSpeaker/Hosting
10:00IntroductionCraig Wappett, HMRC Account CTO, Capgemini
10:10Welcome remarksPatrick Nicolet, Group CTO and Group Executive Board Member, Capgemini
10:30KEYNOTE: AI now – an applied approach to becoming an AI first organisationRon Tolido, Insights and Data Global CTO, Capgemini
11:10The ethics of AIPriscilla Li, Head of Applied Innovation, Capgemini
11:40World Rugby Sevens Series seeks innovation to promote sport in Olympic eraOli Cochrane, Managing Solutions Architect, Insights and Data, Capgemini
12:10Intelligent innovation: the power of the modern software factoryBen Riley, CA Technologies
13:20AI… it’s coming!Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM
14:00The unique data layer to enable hybrid cloud strategiesPatrick Callaghan, DataStax
14:50Cloud migration: what and how toGunnar Menzel, Master Architect, Capgemini
15:20The future of retailThierry Storten Beker, Adobe
16:10AI in reality: use cases, opportunities and challengesDr Laurie Miles, SAS
16:50Agriculture 4.0: The new farming revolution with AIParmjit Chima, Harper Adams University
17:20Closing remarksCraig Wappett, HMRC Account CTO, Capgemini
The Circle
11:40Why connectivity enables you to thrive in the Fourth Industrial RevolutionMark Daly, MuleSoft
12:10The next generation of APIsLuis Weir, CTO Oracle Business Unit, Capgemini
13:20Fast architecture: will agile work this time?Gagan Singh, Enterprise Architect, Capgemini
14:00Alexa skills at DevOxxSarah Saunders, Managing Software Engineer, Capgemini
14:50The challenges of protecting workloads in a fast-moving DevOps worldSimon Edwards, Trend Micro
15:20Designing for humanity in the age of machineCathy Wang, Senior Director, Idean
16:10Conversational commerce: why consumers are embracing voice assistantsAmol Khadikar, Manager, Capgemini Research Institute
16:50Next-gen digital roundtableMichael Osborne, Principal Solutions Architect, Capgemini
The Arc
11:40AI: from conception to realisationMatt Armstrong-Barnes, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
12:10The machine economyGraham Taylor, AIE co-leader, Capgemini
13:20AI in digital manufacturingGuy Williamson, Digital Manufacturing, Vice President, Capgemini
14:00Moving from projects to platforms with RMGSteven Webb, Enterprise Architect, Capgemini; Martin Moore, Royal Mail Group
14:50Blending the rules! Delivering a connected customer experienceSteve Bell, Verint
15:20Applied Innovation at NationwideDapo Adekola, Account CTO, Nationwide Account – Capgemini; Mark Bates and Helen Connor, Nationwide
16:10Using AI for text analyticsShailesh Patel, Head of AI, HMRC Account, Capgemini