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Know Me and Know My Journey: A business leader’s guide to achieving customer intimacy

Delighting buyers and driving business impact

For the last five years, if we take a look at the changes that have taken place in our lives: most of us now engage in a variety of online behaviours, daily routines, and social media platforms.

As a huge behavioural accelerator, the recent pandemic situation led many individuals to use the internet for the first time out of necessity and raised expectations amongst the generation of digital natives. Consumers are growing discerning in today’s market. As a result, internet platforms have become more well-known and well-accepted. Brands are competing more fiercely than ever before to develop value propositions and experiences that will draw in and keep customers and advocates. This acceleration revolutionised every industry and it has permanently altered how companies connect with their clients. Customers, however, demand that those online experiences be mirrored and are connected to the real world as well. Consumers want businesses to treat them as unique individuals and to help them accomplish their goals in the quickest, clearest, most reliable, and dependable way possible. To better understand their prospects, customers, and specific missions, brands must unlock the data they now own and use it more effectively for the benefit of their customers.

Providing a truly unique and contextual experience isn’t easy – and it isn’t simple for a business. Nonetheless, some organizations are getting it right. They’re building customer trust on a single source of unified, trusted data. And they’re striding ahead of the competition. Download this Point of View and a business leaders guide –  “Know Me and Know My Journey: A business leaders guide to achieving customer intimacy” from Capgemini & Tealium Experts where they share their insightful thoughts, trends, statistics, graphs, practical examples and more.

Meet our experts

Fernand Khousakoun

Expert in IBM BPM / Oracle BPM

Heidi Bullock

CMO, Board Member & Strategic Advisor, Tealium

Padmashree Shagrithaya

Jason Crellin

Lorna Neville

Global Marketing Immersive Experiences Offer, Capgemini