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ISAI Cap Venture invests in Threekit

Capgemini is providing venture capital backing to Threekit, an innovative startup that’s powering the next generation of online experiences through visual commerce technologies.

Through ISAI Cap Venture, an investment fund managed in co-operation with ISAI, Capgemini has become a strategic investor in Threekit’s $35 million Series B funding round. The visual commerce startup will use this capital to accelerate investments in its product platform, e-commerce integrations, global sales organization, and partner network.

Threekit’s platform lets businesses turn product visuals into customer experiences. Companies can create, manage and scale photorealistic images and configurable 3D product visuals from a single design file. With Threekit, businesses can create immersive and personalized experiences that entice customers to buy their products.

Research suggests 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. However, despite growing consumer demand for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) features, less than one-fifth of brands have integrated them into their online shopping experiences. To create emotional connections with customers and employees, businesses must find ways to combine AR, VR, mixed reality and other emerging visual technologies.

That’s where Threekit’s platform can help. The startup’s visualization technology uses 3D, AR and virtual photography to help businesses develop the immersive experiences that customers demand. With Threekit technology, shoppers can customize, zoom-in, rotate products, and more.

Companies can also use Threekit’s platform to create productivity gains through the development of digital versions of products. Businesses can use the platform to prototype new ideas without having to make physical products. They can also use the technology to offer hyper-personalization, creating products based on individual preferences, or placing one product into multiple scenes without doing photoshoots.

“Threekit’s ground-breaking technology and platform, which can create digital assets before producing them, addresses well the needs of organizations today for end-to-end immersive experiences and more sustainable supply chains,” said Charlton Monsanto, Immersive Experiences Offer Leader at Capgemini. “We are thrilled to be not only a long-term business partner to Threekit, but also an investor to support their growth.”

The investment in Threekit meets our company purpose, which is to unleash human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. Through our funding of startups and scaleups, we want to help build an inclusive and sustainable future for everyone that is enabled by innovative technology.

We want to help businesses create immersive experiences that evoke emotion and create value across multiple modes of interaction. By working with innovative startups like Threekit, we can offer businesses the specialist digital craftmanship of a boutique agency and deploy technological advances in visual experiences at a global scale.

Our support for Threekit is the latest investment in innovative startups through our Corporate Venture Capital fund. Our financial backing helps startups and scaleups to grow. These fast-emerging businesses form a part of our ever-growing innovation ecosystem. Business leaders can draw on this ecosystem as they work to define the future direction of their own organizations.

We’re taking minority stakes in ground-breaking businesses across a broad range of digital areas, including innovative technological solutions, future leaders of the software industry, and sustainable IT. Threekit joins a roster of startups that are already benefiting from our venture capital backing: Alation, Copado, InsideBoard, Toucon Toco and Zelros.

To find out more about our Corporate Venture Capital fund and the innovative startups we’re helping to fund, see here.

Lucia Sinapi Executive VP – Capgemini Ventures Managing DirectorMari Lymysalo Capgemini Ventures Ecosystem DirectorDarshan Shankavaram EVP, Digital Customer Experience Global Practice Leader at CapgeminiCharlton Monsanto EVP, Digital Customer Experience, North America