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How banks can use generative AI to enhance marketing disclosures

Leveraging the power of automation to streamline messaging can make personalized disclosures more consistent, effective, and compliant.

In an age of ongoing disruption, increasing regulatory requirements, and rapidly evolving competition, banks need to find ways to manage consistent and compliant marketing disclosures. Generative AI can help address these challenges, providing new possibilities and increased efficiency across channels. 

Employing this tool can support you to unlock cohesive and compliant brand messaging across different media, while also providing automated compliance monitoring and personalization at scale. This means banks can reduce manual interventions and embark on a journey to discover various new layers of value. 

Download our point of view in partnership with Naehas and discover: 

  • The key challenges for marketing managers in the fast-moving banking environment today and ways to address them
  • How utilizing generative AI and machine learning can help you produce consistent content
  • Other benefits of generative AI for banks including: simplified product disclosures; real-time market intelligence, and language localization for global markets

Meet the experts

Aalekh Bhatt

Go To Market lead – Digital Marketing, UK Banking

Chandramouli Venkatesan

Vice President – Portfolio Development Lead – Digital Front Office Transformations | Banking and Capital Markets

Hayat Yahia

Product Management, Principal