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Enterprise management

emergence of Enterprise Automation

The next frontier for realizing superior business value.

“According to a white paper released by Everest Group, initially, automation aimed to reduce costs and improve process efficiency. However, automation now focuses on generating business value and helping organizations become lean, resilient, and agile in response to evolving customer expectations, growing competition, and increasing administrative costs. As a result, automation applies to a wide range of processes, including both business and IT domains. This has led to the emergence of two primary forms of automation – business process automation and IT automation.

Currently, enterprises rely on siloed IT or business process automation, which provides some benefits. However, it often hinders the full potential of automation. Therefore, an innovative approach called enterprise automation has emerged, which integrates both business processes and IT automation. This approach primarily focuses on realizing value and is typically driven from the top down, with C-suite (CXO)-level sponsorship and decision-making. Its scope spans the entire organization and includes business processes, applications, and infrastructure. This approach is expected to provide scalability, integrated analytics using interrelated business and IT KPIs, and centralized control over automation”

The white paper, authored by Everest analysts Vaibhav Bansal, Alisha Mittal, Anish Nath, and Mohammed Riyaz, and licensed by Capgemini, covers:

  • The key challenges that enterprises face in the current automation scenario
  • Key drivers of enterprise automation adoption
  • Characteristics of an enterprise automation solution
  • Approach to enterprise automation adoption

At Capgemini, we believe a successful automation journey is the one that helps improve business outcomes for our customers. To achieve this goal consistently we make use of our tried and tested methodologies coupled with our Enterprise Automation Fabric. The fabric, powered by artificial intelligence, facilitates an end to end zero touch automation system across the customer’s landscape.

Enterprise Automation Fabric is an insights-driven, purpose-built, plug-and-play system to unlock a seamless digital IT-management ecosystem. It enables effective infrastructure and applications services, and business operations delivery to provide data-insights-driven automation at its full potential for businesses to reap maximum value across the entire operation, and at scale.

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