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Digital inclusion

Digital Inclusion

Digital empowerment for an inclusive future

As a global leader in digital, Capgemini’s ambition is to help make the digital revolution an opportunity for all and to provide a bridge between technology and society.

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The Digital Literacy center is one of our key Digital Inclusion project and a PAN India level initiative aimed at imparting Digital Literacy to community members and to facilitate access to e-governance. This is a dynamic and integrated platform of digital literacy awareness, education and capacity building program. This is aimed at helping communities to fully participate in the national/economy and also in technologically empowered society.

We implemented first phase in alignment with Government of India initiative – National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) and set up 12 centers across 10 locations, reaching out to 18,000 families between 2014 -2017. Based on the learning and changed priorities of NDLM, we curated our own initiative and piloted at Kolkata. In this phase, we are setting 10 centers across 10 cities.

Salient feature of the centers

  • Empower communities with capacity building and training programs and make them digitally literate
  • Engage citizens of diverse age groups (14 to 70 years) and target to reach out to 33000 people (1 member/family, thereby effectively impacting 33000 families) by 2021 through each center
  • Facilitate access of citizen services to communities via digital means thereby reducing the frictional losses
  • Create a space where community members can operate digital devices and adopt internet technology to ease day-to-day living
  • Promote participation of various institutions within the Digital Literacy platform to enhance the digital literacy in the country