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Data and AI

Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 7

Delve into a curated collection of data-powered innovation stories that are as invigorating as a journey through surreal landscapes of ice and fire.

Uncovering the enigmatic world of fire and ice that not only shape the land but also mirror our efforts to forge a sustainable future while igniting the sparks of innovation with data and AI. In this edition, you’ll find a tapestry of articles that reflect our commitment to a world that is not only technologically advanced but also environmentally sound and ethically grounded.

Our latest edition of this innovation publication, Data-powered Innovation Review – Wave 7, brings inspiring concepts and valuable best practices that harness the full potential of data and AI in the business world. Discover groundbreaking advancements in data-powered innovation, explore the broader applications of AI beyond language models, and learn how data and AI can contribute to the creation of a more sustainable planet and society.

The articles have been crafted by leading experts from Capgemini and partners like Aible, the Green Software Foundation, and Fivetran. You’ll find many inspiring articles on space exploration, intelligent products, generative AI, sustainability, and biodiversity.

Venture into the landscapes of change with data-powered innovation!

Data for edge

Explore the expanding presence of data and AI on the periphery of what was once considered the core of IT, central data management, and governance. As data experts, we find ourselves moving more toward the edges of IT, right towards the business.

    Data for augmentation

    Amid the current upsurge of generative AI across various domains, the related ethical considerations, calls for a comprehensive ledger for LLMs, and the introduction of our new Generative AI lab, we collectively acknowledge that AI's scope extends beyond mere language models.

      Data for good

      Highlighting inspiring stories on sustainability and biodiversity, winners of our Global Data Science Challenge share their experiences. Additionally, we take pride in our collaborative efforts with the Green Software Foundation, firmly convinced that the responsible management of data and AI is paramount.

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        Meet our experts

        Ron Tolido

        Executive Vice President, CTO, Master Architect – Insights and Data
        Ron is the Executive Vice President, CTO, and Chief Innovation Office at Capgemini Insights & Data global business line. He is a Certified Master Architect and a member of the Capgemini group Chief Technology, Innovation & Ventures council.

        Robert Engels

        Global CTIO and Head of Lab for AI Futures and Insights & Data
        Robert is an innovation lead and a thought leader in several sectors and regions, and holds the position of Chief Technology Officer for Northern and Central Europe in our Insights & Data Global Business Line. Based in Norway, he is a known lecturer, public speaker, and panel moderator. Robert holds a PhD in artificial intelligence from the Technical University of Karlsruhe (KIT), Germany.

        Arne Rossmann

        Chief Architect Data & AI for Intelligent Industry
        As a part of the Data & AI for Intelligent Industry team working as a Chief Architect, I support our clients by giving them advice and guidance on the architectures for Data & AI Platforms within the domains of Digital Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Intelligent Supply Chain, Connected Products and 5G & Edge, and this across all our sectors. The main goal of my work is to enable our clients on their journey towards data-powered enterprises to leverage the value lying within their data and by sharing them across the company and with the outside network of suppliers and partners.