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Continuous Testing Report 2019

The Continuous Testing Report, a new Capgemini study records 1 in 2 firms deploying new software builds daily. But a staggering 60% end up with gaps in software test-case coverage. Download your copy for insights from the world of continuous quality assurance in the age of DevOps and automation.

Continuous testing 101: What CIOs need to know

Across industries, firms are adopting Agile and DevOps with continuous integration and deployment to reorganize software development. But quality assurance is one of the stickiest bottlenecks in this value chain. As corporate IT aligns with demands for speed to market and seamless customer experience, CIOs must focus on quality at speed.

The CTR 2019 is a great place to track this transformation in software testing, in the age of DevOps and automation.

For more details, reach out to our Continuous Testing expert, Mark Buenen.