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Collaborative Data Ecosystems

Another internet moment for banks?

We stand at the dawn of a new wave of transformation. The prioritization of data sharing is unlocking new products and services that were previously impossible. As a result, customers now expect the same solutions from every industry. However, in the banking sector, many institutions still maintain an outmoded mindset. They see data as a proprietary asset that must be protected at all costs.

At Capgemini Invent, we are committed to future-proofing our banking sector. We do this by promoting and implementing collaborative data ecosystems. The benefits are felt across the entire business spectrum. Our five-step plan is designed to give banks the data maturity that enables them to meet their customers’ needs and exceed their own expectations.

Thought leadership

Collaborative Data Ecosystems: Another internet moment for banks?

When the internet became available to the public in the early 1990s, it ignited a series of irreversible changes across all aspects of human life, from culture to media to…

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Joerg Becker

Senior Director – Enterprise Data & Analytics at Capgemini Invent