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Application and Shortlisting Process FAQs

Q: How do I apply for jobs matching my skill set?

A:  Please search for the job you want on our website. You can filter by country, skill, or area and then fill out the application for the job you want. Visit our careers page to explore more.

Q: What is the interview process?

A: The first step in our interview process is the phone screening interview done by our recruitment SPOC. From there, it depends on the role you have applied. Your recruiter will share the interview steps and guide you. To assess your skills and abilities, we will ask you questions related to the technical skills and behaviors required to be successful in the role. Of course, specific questions will vary depending on the job.

Q: How do I find out if I am shortlisted?

A: Capgemini HR consultants will connect with you to keep you posted on the interview status. Alternatively, send an email with your application details to

Q: How long do I need to wait for a call from HR?

A: If your profile matches the current job opening, Capgemini HR consultants will connect with you within a week.

Q: If I am unsuccessful during the application process, can I reapply?

A: If you are unsuccessful at any stage of the process, you can reapply six months after your initial application.

Q: Can I apply for multiple jobs?

A:  You may apply if your job role matches more than one job opening. Accordingly, we will validate your profile against each of the available job descriptions.

Q: How can I track my application status?

A:   Contact your recruiter. Alternatively, send an email with your application details to

Q: Can I know more about the salary and benefits offered by Capgemini?

A: Capgemini salaries are competitive within the industry. However, specific details may vary based on the role and regions. Salary ranges are specific to positions and open for discussion during the recruitment process with recruiters.

Q: Do you hire people with disabilities?

A: At Capgemini, we value and respect individuals with disabilities of all types. Visit our diversity and inclusion page for more information.

Q: I am a former employee. Am I eligible to be re-hired?

A: Yes, you are always welcome to rejoin us! If you are interested in returning to Capgemini or keeping your career options open for the future, we invite you to visit our careers page.