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Amritesh Ranjan

“Every day I am getting better and better, I’m slowly gaining my weight and diet back. It’s all because of the doctors, medical staff, my peers and Capgemini who supported me mentally”, my dad said.

My family and I were in great shape. Mom and dad used to go for a daily walk at 5 in the morning, followed by some exercises. They are the kind of people who follow their routines very religiously. This was our regular schedule until Covid struck.

On a typical Saturday, dad went to take the vaccine with me in a health center. While returning, we were happy that he got vaccinated. And then, after a few days, COVID-19 almost killed us. By the time we all got the RTPCR report, the whole family was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Earlier, we were diagnosed only with Typhoid. Later, my mom and I had caught a fever. Dad’s condition was not good. He started vomiting whatever he ate. I took him in the ambulance, one hospital to another, searching for a bed. I cried the whole day to get a bed in my city, but with no luck. By the time we reached home, dad’s body had turned pale yellow.

Then I decided to go to another city, where he finally got hospitalized. There I saw people fighting COVID-19, battling every day for life. Almost all the hospitals had a shortage of oxygen and ventilators. His oxygen level dropped to the 70s but with god’s grace, the condition started improving after 2 days. We thought he would get discharged in a short time. But then came the CT scan report, which indicated a severe chest infection. Remdesivir is what the doctor prescribed, and we started searching for this.

At this point, I dialled Capgemini helpline. Many people came forward to support. We also got some help from Sneh foundation members who tweeted for help. My managers, colleagues, everyone supported me mentally, a lot. With everyone’s help, finally, my dad got the injection from the hospital, along with the required treatment.

The only line which my dad used to tell every patient in the ward is:

“Live as the god permits.”

Covid-19 is not a regular flu and it can happen to anyone. Having dealt with the virus, I would like to tell the readers:

  1. Be very strong mentally if you or your relative is suffering from COVID.
  2. Have patience, COVID-19 doesn’t go in one day. Some patients take time to recover.
  3. Take doctor’s advice regularly. Some patients face heart issues and other lungs complications.
  4. There is nothing in the patient’s hand when he/she is admitted to the hospital. Leave everything to the almighty and be calm. Have a proper diet and medication.
  5. COVID takes a toll on your immunity. It makes you weak. But don’t worry, it gets better day by day.
  6. It may cause mental disorders like frustration, anxiety, irritation etc. Remember all these are COVID-19 symptoms and must be dealt with post-recovery.

To avoid COVID-19 being complex

  1. Take healthy diets daily. It should include milk, eggs, dry fruits, fruits, green veggies etc. Lemon and zinc sources are very important for the body.
  2. Do daily exercise to keep your body fit and have a check on your blood sugar if you are a diabetic patient.
  3. Use masks, face shields and gloves depending on the place where you are visiting.
  4. Do not ignore early symptoms like fever, sore throat and tastelessness. Get yourself RTPCR tested. Seek immediate medical attention.
  5. Keep a check on your oxygen level. Do not panic.
  6. Be aware of the complications but don’t listen to any negative news which can make you tensed.
  7. Avoid unnecessary gathering. Stay home, stay safe.

This time is challenging. My sincere request to all my friends and colleagues is to help people who are suffering from COVID-19 and are in a tough situation. On the organizational level, Capgemini is already excelling in ensuring the mental and physical wellbeing of the employees. It is a great place to work, and the culture here is amazing. Not only is the management here concerned about the work but also about the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees.