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Agility Inc. Building Widespread Agility

Today, it’s all about agility – our step-by-step guide to becoming an agile organization

The twentieth-century was the age of size and efficiency, and its guiding aspiration was the creation of economies of scale. Corporations grew into massive global organizations which could produce goods in astonishing numbers at a highly consistent quality. Then, over the past couple of decades, a new ambition began growing. A new quality that’s bigger than size, more dynamic than efficiency, and more productive than economies of scale. Increasingly, the race is being won by agility.

At Capgemini Invent, agility is not a buzzword – it’s a field of study. Our recent white paper with Thinkers50, Agility Inc, provides advice from leading experts combined with an actionable framework to achieving agility.

In today’s world of disruption and economic shocks, the organizations which come out ahead will have agility at their core. Learn more in our white paper.

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Moderated by Stuart Crainer, Co-founder of Thinkers50

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