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Accelerate your journey to zero trust with zero trust orchestration

How to orchestrate secure, friction-free user journeys within a Zero Trust framework

Cloud computing and interconnectivity have changed IT security forever. In the old days, when all your servers lived in your own data center and everyone connected directly within your corporate network, or via VPN, you could rely on your corporate firewall as a fixed perimeter security control. Today, your employees, partners, and customers—as well as connected devices from the Internet of Things—could be logging in from any location, via any network, to services hosted anywhere.

Keeping your business safe in these complex hybrid, multi-cloud, hyper-connected, and highly collaborative landscapes is far more challenging. Organizations are increasingly recognizing that the only way to stay secure in this world while providing a frictionless user experience is through a Zero Trust security approach, which replaces reliance on legacy network security controls with an approach where every access request is assessed on a rich contextual basis. Thus, Zero Trust Architecture becomes the new network perimeter.

What you’ll discover

This joint point of view by Capgemini and Ping Identity explores best practices for orchestrating these interoperating elements as part of a comprehensive Zero Trust framework, addressing the following key questions: 

  • What are the market challenges that are driving organizations to implement Zero Trust? 
  • What is a Zero Trust Orchestration layer, and why is it required?  
  • Where does an Orchestration layer deliver the greatest benefits? 
  • How are Capgemini and Ping Identity helping organizations adopt Zero Trust Orchestration? 

Capgemini and Ping Identity can assist your organization in adopting Zero Trust Orchestration, ensuring a seamless user experience for your customers and employees without sacrificing security. We can help initiate or expedite your Zero Trust journey, leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of Zero Trust, including Zero Trust Orchestration. 

Meet our experts

Andrew Critchley

Andrew Critchley

Global Head of IAM Practice

Rob Otto

Rob Otto

Field CTO/Principal Solutions Architect, Ping Identity