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Want digital transformation success? Then preparation is key…


Simplifying digital transformation happens in two key areas. Taking stock of how your current business processes work, and leveraging digital twins effectively to ensure continuous improvement with minimal effort in your organization.

Imagine you’re about to row across the Gulf of Mexico from Cancun, Mexico to Tampa, USA. You wouldn’t just jump in a boat and hope the currents in the water pushed you to your destination would you? Of course not. You would train and prepare for the task in front of you right?

Well, ensuring your digital transformation efforts are successful is no different. Preparation is king here too.

Simple takeaway digital transformation tips to keep in mind

To ensure your digital transformation is successful and that information flows like water between your employees, teams, and departments, you should invest time assessing your current business processes. For instance, are they consistent across different geographies or operational areas?

Leveraging Capgemini’s Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) platform helps answer these questions, enabling you to clearly understand your business environment. This can accelerate organization, standardization, and simplification, as it gives you all the info you need to make informed decisions. D-GEM also acts as Capgemini’s delivery platform for our Frictionless Enterprise concept, which seamlessly connects people and processes – whenever it is needed.

Getting these answers then gives you a clear picture of your inventory, which makes simplifying, standardizing, and automating things easier. This ensures automation runs correctly and that there is a solid foundation for intelligent solutions and continuous improvement.

For its part, standardization has many benefits including giving you access to a single, consolidated solution which makes maintenance easier, it facilitates data consolidation for performance analysis and the introduction of intelligent automation, delivering greater ROI. Furthermore, automating and digitizing end-to-end processes considerably improves the user experience. By removing obstacles from the online customer journey, you will increase satisfaction levels and reduce traffic levels in your call centers.

Although not every process can be standardized, making inputs consistent will enable you to automate at scale using workflows for example and improve the overall process.

However, if you truly want to prepare for any digital transformation – digital twins are a big part of this story too…

Digital twins – transformation made simple

Leveraging a digital twin can be a key component of your approach to transforming ways of working. But what is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a virtual copy of your operations, enabling you to insert any potential changes into a virtual version of your business – which helps identify more efficient ways of working for you. Leveraging a digital twin approach uses a data-driven mindset to drive a proven cycle of continuous innovation through proven business mining, modeling, simulation, and improvement techniques.

Business mining enables you to identify friction in your processes (e.g., bottlenecks, waste, etc.), which are then modeled to test the benefits they will bring to your organization in a simulated environment. Approaching digital transformations in this way enables you to see what works and what doesn’t – without putting your business at risk. A digital twin accomplishes this by creating and testing alternative flows and outcomes to understand how to maximize value for you – all while monitoring ROI, parallel to your day-to-day operations.

Finally, a digital twin approach is extremely agile, helping you visualize your transformation in a realistic way, all while prioritizing tasks effectively to ensure you deliver on your transformation goals.

At Capgemini, we leverage digital twins as part of our Frictionless Finance offer to ensure best practices are followed throughout the digital transformation process.

Preparation is key

To conclude, digital transformation success comes from being well-prepared – ensuring everything flows like water, as part of a proven cycle of continuous improvement in your organization. Which, ultimately, means that you’re well prepared for anything your transformation throws at you in the long run.

Want to learn more about how you can simplify your digital transformation journey – without anyone pouring on any unreadable technical jargon? Then download the TechnoVision 2021 report today to find out more.

To learn more about how Capgemini’s digital twin approach can make your digital transformation process smoother and simpler, and help your organization transition to the Frictionless Enterprise, contact: