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Reputation is dead, long live reputation!


AI can now change the identity of someone in a film or video in about 10 seconds.
There are tools out there that scan a few hours of someone’s voice and then fake any sentence in that voice. Open publishing on platforms means that there’s no gatekeeper – which is awesome as it (should) reduce censorship. But, because usually people forget to verify the source of what they read, it also creates a breeding ground for fake news.



Please make sure you check your resources and view the same information/object/thing from a different viewpoint – just to remain as open and unbiased as possible and really understand someone else. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them; but in order to truly understand another’s viewpoint, it helps to be as objective as possible.

You wouldn’t buy something carte blanche from someone calling you on the phone. So why would you trust videos, photos, and especially reviews on websites – particularly check the context in which it is created for or in is not explained? For example, a 50% increase in home burglaries in your area means nothing. A 50% increase in home burglaries can mean an increase from two to three. Or, in context, it can mean an increase from 2,000 to 3,000. Then the numbers come into perspective and reflect the actual world.


Clickbaits are passé. People are tired of headlines such as: “Home burglaries increase by 50%!” This is an empty statement. More and more people are looking for long talks and in-depth articles. Without being able to put things into context, the initial hype fueled by such statements quickly fizzles away. It feels cheap. “The people who are sowing the seeds of distrust almost certainly don’t have your best interests in mind,” said Seth Godin. People are seeking deeper understanding. There is a public hunger for long form discussions, listening, and sharing. Just think of Joe Rogan’s podcasts (over six million subscribers).



We all need reputation. And this yearning for reputation feeds a current that becomes stronger and stronger until it restores our confidence so that we can be sure we’re seeing what we think we’re seeing. This won’t happen today or tomorrow. For now, it seems that we just have to assume that we’re being conned. In the midst of the current commotion about fake news, deep fakes, and social media problems, people with a hunger for long forms will find a way to restore trust and connection, because we have trouble thriving without it.


So, what reputation do you want to grow?

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