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Redefining Tech: #RabbitR1 and #AIpin Challenge the Smartphone Norm – A Paradigm Shift in the Making?

Alex Bulat
Jan 19, 2024

Do we (I) want something other than a smartphone?

This is the question that has been raised with introduction of new device like #RabbitR1 and The #AIpin before it. Do I want something that just does a fraction of the functions of my iPhone? Although these devices now only do a small subset of the functionality, they do intrigue me. It is a new way of interaction, new experience, maybe even just because it does less I’m considering it. Smartphones have been dominating our lives for over 2 decades now, is this the time to get rid of them and take back some control?

All the above questions and thoughts have been circling my mind since I have seen the Launch of the R1 at CES. These to device are just the start but they are small but significant balloons that have been let up by the tech industry to test the waters. Are we ready for a change? Are we ready for less? Or do we just want the same but in a different jacket.

What is your preference, something new or something old? Have you already preordered one of the devices?

Stay curious 🧐

Meet the author

Alex Bulat

Group Technology Director
Alex is Group Technology Director, focused on helping our customers transform and adopt to the new digital age, and integrate new and disruptive innovations into their business. He is focused on driving the expansion and delivery of digital transformation and helping companies to get a grasp on future technologies like IoT, AI, Big data and Blockchain. He also focuses on how new innovations, disruptive technologies, and new platforms like Uber, impact the current businesses.