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Looking to the future of Capgemini Guatemala

Gustavo Tasner

No one moves forward without scoping the way ahead, and that’s exactly what we’re doing

In Ancient Rome, the god Janus was depicted with two faces, back-to-back. His head was carved into door lintels, gazing both in and out. He represented not just entrances and exits, but the passage of time. Some say January, the turning point of a new year, is named after him.

I mention this because here at Capgemini’s delivery center in Guatemala, we’ve reached a Janus moment, in the form of our tenth anniversary. We can look back on growth and achievements of which we’re very proud – from our beginnings with the signing of our first formal contract in 2008, through the expansion of our services to additional geographies, clients and industries, to a point where we now have over 1,300 full-time employees speaking Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese, and serving 19 international clients.

But I think I’d rather use the opportunity to take stock, and to look forward to our future. In particular, I think three things are worthy of focus:

The future and the region

I expect the support we give to the North American market to continue to grow. Our early experience in order-to-cash (O2C) and collections has strengthened, and has been joined by other areas of competence including full finance and accounting (F&A) service and support – credit-to-cash (C2C), record-to-analyze (R2A) and procure-to-pay (P2P).

Other disciplines in which we expect increasingly to serve our region include supply chain management, human resources, Master Data Management, service desks, and newer functions such as Personal-Assistant-as-a-Service.

The future and digital

We’re already helping our clients with digital transformation, but in general, it’s true to say many organizations are still in early stages of development, and the signs are that over the next few years the pace of change will accelerate.

Some businesses look to make the transition at a functional level – in F&A, for instance – while others commit themselves to enterprise-wide implementations. Either way, we’ve found everyone benefits by adopting a holistic viewpoint. Introducing robotic process automation (RPA) in something as specific as, say, accounts payable, may streamline individual processes, but if it’s seen in its wider context, other and greater benefits can accrue. In this case of accounts payable, for instance: if I automate invoice creation, what might the implications be for the rest of the billing process? If I look wider still, beyond F&A, how could invoicing and RPA be part of improving our overall customer service?

These are the kinds of considerations we’re bringing to bear on behalf of our clients, and we’re developing them in the context of structures such as the Global Enterprise Model© (GEM) for which we’re known and respected. You can expect to see further and major developments from us in this area later this year.

The future and Capgemini

It’s not just our enterprise customers for whom context is a factor. It’s important for us at Capgemini, too. Our success in Guatemala has implications not just for the organizations we serve, but for the one of which we’re part.

What do I mean by this? Well, the good work we’ve done for our clients has led to several welcome recommendations in recent years. But of course, that doesn’t mean we should simply wait for business to come to us. Our success to date has been expressed rather quietly, so it’s time we started articulating more frequently the impact we make for our clients, and that we can also make for organizations served by the rest of our Group.

The impact we make is due almost entirely to the quality and character of the people we employ. I’ve mentioned the breadth of languages we can use to engage with our international customers, but the other skills they bring to bear, and the enthusiasm they have, are simply outstanding. Our people are our most valuable resource, and we constantly invest in training, developing, and engaging them so they can reach the potential from which they, we, and our clients can all benefit.

Together as a team, we’re here to meet the needs of large and complex clients. We’re here to provide state-of-the-art services. And we’re here to offer our expertise in the North American market.

Looking ahead

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not all about the future. Here at Capgemini in Guatemala, like Janus, we fully intend to look back too, and celebrate our ten years of success and growth. We’re organizing a special event to mark the occasion, as well as an after-party.

But no one moves forward without scoping the way ahead, and that’s exactly what we intend to do. For us at Capgemini, and for us in this particular part of the world, we shall continue to invest in our people, and we’re hiring more – many more.

The future for us all isn’t just an opportunity – it’s exciting!

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Gustavo Tasner enables BPO solutions and business transformation to our clients in the Americas by developing and leveraging our LATAM capabilities and expertise. Gustavo joined Capgemini 13 years ago and has held different roles across Consulting, HR, and Engagement Management. In 2014, Gustavo was appointed head of Americas Delivery Network.