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LeoLabs and the Battle Against Space Trash

Alex Bulat
Dec 6, 2023

Our renewed vigour in the space race has its problems and believe it or not space trash is the biggest one.

How do companies like SpaceX make sure they have a safe launch and remove collision risk? This is where LeoLabs comes in. With 9000+ Low Earth Orbit satellites in operation and more to comes as you see in the below graph, the medium prediction for 2030 it could be more than 60.000 satellites flying around the our precious planet. With their unique platform and algorithms they are leading the safe navigation for space launch’s: “California-based LeoLabs. The company is using advanced algorithms, cloud computing tech, and a global network of ground-based radars to track objects in LEO in real-time for satellite operators, space agencies, defense contractors, and others”

Next to the collision risk and safety need for the astronauts trying to leave our orbit there is are serious concerns on the sustainability element of the space race. Let’s not pollute our space like we have our planet I would say, so im happy to see that ESA and other government agency are accepting a “Zero Debris” policy for all their mission!

Other Startup that is interesting in this new space topic is ClearSpace that are on a mission to clean the trash around our planet! They are now collaborating with ESA on Clearspace-1 the first mission to take debris out off our orbit: “The first mission to remove a piece of space debris from orbit, Clearspace-1 will rendezvous with, capture and safely bring down a large derelict object for a safe atmospheric reentry”

“No more Space” will the theme for space in the next few year. here is a weekend watch tip: if you want to see a world where the “gold rush space race” never ended I would highly recommend the AppleTV series: For All Mankind!

Stay curious.

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Group Technology Director
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