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It takes a Village to build a career

October 03, 2022

Mala Balakrishnan, Vice President, Cloud Infrastructure Services, India DACH looks back at how being a volunteer along with her client facing roles, shaped her ambitions and career journeys. Today, Mala leads CIS India’s Captivate program that provides opportunities for both men and women to make a career comeback after a break. Captivate also brings in non-technical personnel through the digital academies to ensure an inclusive digital world for all. Take a look to get inspired!

A career is not built on skills and client deliverables alone – It takes a village to build a career.  There is tenacity, the resilience that comes with the ups and downs, lessons learned from failures and successes, mentorship, network, support systems and so much more. One aspect that I really believe helps build many skills needed in a short time, is volunteering. The benefits of volunteerism are a full circle for you and your community where you,  

  • Learn a lot
  • Build a strong professional, personal network
  • Gain instant and long-term gratification from giving back
  • Develop a goal focussed approach
  • Acquire complex Project Management skills
  • Enhance communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills

All these skills will hold you in good stead in your day-to-day job and in your ability to perform both tactically and strategically. An aligned entrepreneur gets created when you volunteer in your organization’s CSR initiatives.

I always believe that doing well and doing good go hand in hand. All our CSR initiatives, bring in

  • Diversity in our business
  • Inclusivity of a new segment into the mainstream,
  • A different thinking process to change what we have always believed was the right way for a long time

We at CIS India have always been shining torch bearers of volunteering in CSR activities. Our flagship CSR project Sakhi Drishtikon has successfully onboarded rural women from the marginalized sections in niche tech areas like AI, Cloud and automation. Everyone among them are now thriving in their roles serving our customers. Captivate is yet another big project that I am proud of and aims to bring in men and women who are desirous to come back to corporate life.

We at CIS will continue to bring in CSR initiatives that target the hitherto unreachable segment of our society. We will also prioritize sustainability as part of our CSR initiatives. You can be part of our activities as a mentor, contributor, or promoter.

Social responsibility and sustainable profit go hand in hand. There is never a better time than NOW to volunteer.

As the great Dalai Lama says “The intelligent way to be selfish is to work for the welfare of others”

So, what are you waiting for?

Be a part of the CIS India CSR volunteering team. For more details write to our SPOCs

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