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GDPR: An opportunity to win customer trust


May 25 is just around the corner and many organizations are scrambling to align their processes to this new requirement. Let me stop the clock and pull you away from your project plan for a few minutes.

We are not talking about fettering your organization with red tape. I mean, we are not talking about pure compliance, but rather about taking you from the defensive to the offensive. The digital economy is asking providers to be transparent and proactive.

Customers are aware that the scope of privacy is growing. They want transparency. The sensitive information limit goes beyond religious beliefs, health, or ethnic data. The new rules will apply in all countries and jurisdictions. Millennials constitute a significant chunk of our workforce and our clients and they don’t want to work with or buy from companies that fail to manage their data correctly.

Companies must commit to deploying all the preventive processes and technologies necessary to reduce the risk of data leaks and to protect end users’ rights, such as the right to be forgotten. Moreover, they must create a disaster recovery plan with the proper protocols for recovering and validating data.

I hope that these thoughts will help you get to back to basics and think about the actual reasons to face the GDPR in a real and effective way.

Simply checking off the box is not going to work any longer.

We surveyed 1,000 executives and 6,000 consumers across 8 markets to explore attitudes to, readiness for, and the opportunities of GDPR. Download the report to read the complete findings: Seizing the GDPR advantage.