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Exploring the full Meta potential in Telecom

Prakash Dinde
29 Mar 2023

Metaverse creates an immersive virtual world, where users interact digitally, akin to interaction in a physical world. Metaverse has the potential to add new dimensions to today’s world.

The metaverse we are imagining will embrace a variety of experiences, networks, and consumers. There will not be a “standard” version of it, rather it will comprise of many different communities, open and closed platforms, and each of these will potentially evolve to include several parties. It is imperative that Communications Service Providers (CSPs) align their strategies to ensure they play a role in that ecosystem and don’t miss out on any considerable revenue opportunity.

Meta potential in Telecom

Estimates suggest that metaverse will be a multitrillion-dollar economy in the next decade: McKinsey estimates up to $5 trillion by 2030, with e-commerce alone generating up to $2.6 trillion. CSPs are estimated to have a healthy share of this market with over 8-10% of the market serviceable by them. This revenue opportunity may range between $96B-$1.2T (SAM) when unlocked via right ecosystem dynamics and significant incremental investment in network infrastructure upgrades. To achieve this, there can be several barriers that CSPs may need to overcome (e.g., significant network infrastructure upgrades, regulations, user adoption etc.) to take advantage of such opportunities.

Evolving Telecom models

In addition to these commercial challenges for CSPs, providing metaverse connectivity requirements via a new set of service models has several profound technological implications. These requirements are actively being defined by the metaverse ecosystem, rather than the classic telco methodology of building a network and then figuring out services that can be provided based on the capabilities. This should lead to more focused capex (capital expenditure) investment, and the cloud-era operational platform model is already theoretically capable of delivering those very specific requirements.

A successful telco engagement will require the right set of ecosystem plays and incentives. In this article, we have listed down the strategies which telcos can take to tap into Meta potential.

Download the full infographic to find out more about – Metaverse in the Telecom industry.