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custom gpt: a Game-Changer for Business Management

Robert Engels
Jan 13, 2024

Bora Ger and Paolo Cervini transform strategy and innovation with Custom GPTs: A game-changer for business management.

Exciting news for business management! Bora Ger and Paolo Cervini have shared their thoughts on enhancing strategy and innovation with Custom GPTs. The groundbreaking GPT Builder creates specialized GPTs for diverse niches, revolutionizing managerial tasks and offering tailored advice.

This article highlights how Custom GPTs bring specialization, efficiency, consistency, and automation integration to the forefront of management practices. It also explores the developing GPT Store’s role in democratizing AI tool access, boosting innovation and strategic decision-making.

As we enter this new arena, the article forwards questions about the future of organizational leadership and ethical use of AI. Don’t miss out on this must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of AI and business strategy.

Meet the author

Robert Engels

Global CTIO and Head of Lab for AI Futures and Insights & Data
Robert is an innovation lead and a thought leader in several sectors and regions, and holds the position of Chief Technology Officer for Northern and Central Europe in our Insights & Data Global Business Line. Based in Norway, he is a known lecturer, public speaker, and panel moderator. Robert holds a PhD in artificial intelligence from the Technical University of Karlsruhe (KIT), Germany.