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Capgemini records an excellent performance in 2017 with growth acceleration fueled by Digital and Cloud

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Capgemini reinforces its global leadership in digital with the acquisition of customer engagement firm LiquidHub

Digital Leadership Innovation Strategy and Transformation

Inclusive innovation: roadsigns for technological intersection

Inclusive innovation—the shift from PoCs to the real-life implementation of IoT, AI, and blockchain to take up the challenge of digital transformation.

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Beyond the Buzz

beyond the buzz

Digitalization of the Chemicals and Life Sciences Industry

Even with farmers, large and small, data and use of digital tech are now key enablers. Meanwhile, healthcare is taking advantage of blockchain to improve patient care, privacy, and drug safety. For life science laboratories, digital saves time and money.

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Does your DCX strategy have emotion?

John Mullen
Consumers live in a 24/7 globally connected digital world, and because of it, companies that were quick to embrace digital disruption are the ones that now are building more meaningful brand-based relationships with their customers.

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Blockchain for Enterprises – Hype vs. Reality? What Is New in 2018?

Sudhir Pai
Blockchain Evolution in the Enterprise in 2018

The cloud revolution and its impact on the IT organization

Philippe Roques
In today’s world in which digital is omnipresent, no company, old or new, of any size, can ignore the significant impact of the cloud on its production processes, its structure or even its economic model.

GDPR—navigating a regulatory minefield

P, Gopichand
Applying the right principles for effective and efficient implementation of your GDPR compliance program.

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