Get the future you want: Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 is here!

New year. Newer challenges. Enticing themes. Out of the box solutions. Tech Challenge is back to give techies an adrenaline rush.


After seven successful years, Tech Challenge is back with the 2021 edition. It’s time for tech enthusiasts to roll up their sleeves, compete with the best in the industry and bring their A-game on to emerge as tech mogul.

Tech Challenge 2021 edition is a unique gamified application for tech enthusiasts and students to deliver their best on stand-alone web applications. The challenge is designed to identify the best programmers on campus and working professionals across the industry.

Here’s a chance for all you sharp techies to conquer your aspirations and aim for your dream career at Capgemini! The 2021 edition offers an array of challenges, allowing you to showcase your skillset across multiple levels on a national platform and in front of a celebrated C-suite jury. Tech Challenge has been a canvas to India’s brilliant techies who have proved their wizardry on a national platform and won hearts and prizes. As it enters its seventh season, we are thrilled to be hosting the best coders, developers and techies across India.

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Capgemini Tech Challenge is one of the largest hackathons in India. Over 7.5 Lakh people have been a part of this challenge in the last seven years, 35% of them being women. Last year, only the finest lot of the registered participants made it to the finale.

In case you are wondering what’s in store for you:

  1. There are prizes worth INR 20,00,000*
  2. A chance to land your dream job* at Capgemini
  3. Exclusive mentoring from the tech wizards of Capgemini
  4. An opportunity to showcase your tech skills in front of a C-suite jury; the celebrated leaders from the start-up, academia and IT industry.

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Taking safety aspects into consideration, Tech Challenge 2021 is going to be a 100% virtual event.




Tech Aptitude

Deliver solutions for an inclusive and sustainable future through your tech prowess and get a chance to unlock your dream job at Capgemini. Choose from an array of technology contests. Climb up the leaderboard with your talent and beat opponents. Put your IT expertise to the ultimate test. Prove your mettle and establish yourself as an IT pro.



Inviting all coders, developers, techies and tech enthusiasts to participate in Tech Challenge 2021. If you have a flair for tech innovations, this could be your chance.


The game has a simple set of do’s and don’ts, if you follow them, you will be good to go.


Analyse your performance by checking where you stand on the leader board with techies from across the nation. Participate and start climbing up the leader board.


Here is what our leader’s say about Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021

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May 31, 2021
September 5, 2021