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VP & India Industry Platform Leader for Telecom


Experienced professionals

1. How did your story with Capgemini begin?

Earlier, I used to work with Verizon at a time when the company revolutionized the industry by launching 5G mobile services in USA. Telcos around the world were beginning their own 5G-led transformations, and Capgemini gave me the perfect opportunity to take my earlier experience to multiple countries globally.

Another big draw for me was the company’s strong focus on sustainability. I don’t know of many other companies where CEOs take so much of their time to champion sustainability to the extent that Aiman Ezzat, CEO, Capgemini does. People close to me know very well from the way I live, sustainability is very important to me in how we handle our resources.

2. What are some of your greatest accomplishments at Capgemini?

One accomplishment that I am most proud of is the team I’ve been able to build here. I feel blessed for the extraordinary and high-caliber individuals who have chosen to join this team. One of the things that I cherish in this team is the cognitive diversity everyone brings and the transformations they enable for the wider organization.

Another big moment is when one of our telco projects got the coveted Glotel award for advancing Artificial Intelligence. To me, it is also a great example of multiple teams like engineering, telco, and marketing collaborating and making this recognition happen.

3. How did Capgemini help you excel in your personal development journey?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, my colleagues and I had several of our own health challenges. In one case, I’ve known someone who unfortunately faced an extended health ailment for as long as 6 months.

It’s remarkable how much support the organization extends in times of adversity. I love how the whole Capgemini ecosystem comes together and provides the much-needed cushion to go through these tough times, and the fact that it happens at a scale of more than a 350,000-employee base is no small feat. At the end of the day, we are all humans, and the environment we are in grows on us. Experiencing this environment for a while now has personally made me a lot more resilient.

4. How do you encourage your team to get the future they want at Capgemini?

The first piece of advice I give to any newcomer in the team is that they are not just joining a team, they are joining the entire ecosystem of Capgemini. I encourage my team to network widely and influence the work beyond a limited circle. It also opens up practical learning opportunities based on the real work that our colleagues are performing for some of the top brands globally.

Another thing I’m very focused on is nurturing the flair for entrepreneurship. All of us as professionals are following a different north star. I feel that my role as a leader is to understand that north star clearly, and then help each individual in the team carve out their own path and put in enough commitment to reach that destination.  

5. Which Capgemini core values do you best embody in your day-to-day workflow?

All 7 are important, let me talk about 2 of them – Modesty and Trust.

To me, modesty is more about being simple in my interactions and being open to the different ways in which my colleagues, partners, and clients would like to be treated. In Capgemini’s multi-country environment, I feel modesty is also about putting in the effort to be understood by people from different backgrounds.

Trust is another value that resonates with me. In my experience, when I trust and empower teams to take decisions on their own, the self-drive to make things happen accelerates. Thereby, the trust runs deep in our cultural fabric and helps both leaders and teams to be more effective in their jobs.

6. What message do you have for future employees who want to pursue their career journeys at Capgemini?

In today’s fast-changing world, it is important that we as professionals keep upskilling ourselves. Capgemini offers great learning platform with millions of learning activities. This, in combination with the chance to network with thousands of colleagues who are driving next-gen transformation for our clients, presents a virtually unlimited learning potential.

Additionally, our driving force is our passion for innovation. Collaborating closely with our clients and partners, we harness the power of new ideas to create forward-looking solutions that have a meaningful impact on businesses worldwide.

Lastly, if you are someone who loves to work on new and emerging technologies such as Metaverse, blockchain, AI, or quantum, Capgemini is a great organization to advance your career further.