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<strong><strong>Himanshi Bardhiya</strong></strong>

Himanshi Bardhiya

Senior Analyst


Students and graduates

Software engineering


“Hello, I’m Himanshi Bardhiya. I started my journey at Capgemini as an intern and have since transitioned to a full-time role as an Analyst.

What motivated you to join Capgemini?

I was drawn to Capgemini due to its inclusive and diverse company culture. It values the contributions of individuals regardless of gender and offers numerous opportunities for career growth and advancement. The focus on deep learning, development, and networking opportunities for new joiners made it an appealing choice for me.

How was your experience with integration into Capgemini?

Joining a new organization is a thrilling experience, and the supportive community and culture here made the integration seamless. The India Continuous Assimilation Program (I-CAP) has been particularly instrumental in providing a dynamic platform for sharing ideas, learning from peers, and collaborating on projects that drive positive change and innovation. The ongoing activities and regular updates have helped me quickly connect with colleagues and become familiar with the company’s practices.

How was your experience working at Capgemini so far?

My journey at Capgemini has been exceptionally rewarding, filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. The vibrant community fostered by the India Continuous Assimilation Program (I-CAP) encourages interaction, innovation, and collaboration, allowing me to connect with industry professionals and gain confidence through engaging and diverse projects.

What is the one thing you like most at Capgemini and why?

The aspect I cherish most about Capgemini is the continuous emphasis on learning and development. Whether through formal training or through community-driven campaigns that encourage knowledge exchange and celebrate achievements, Capgemini ensures that every member has the resources and opportunities to grow continuously.

What message would you give to individuals who want to work at Capgemini?

To anyone considering Capgemini, this is a place of boundless opportunities and a fantastic culture. Here, you’ll find not only a career but various opportunities to connect with inspiring individuals, engage in rewarding projects, and develop skills that are crucial for your future. Capgemini is an ideal place to grow and make a significant impact.

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