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Senior Professional Engineer – Semiconductor


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Hello, I am Aditya Kalyan, started my career at Capgemini as a fresher and have been working in the company for over 10 years now. I am currently a Senior Professional Engineer specializing in Physical Design Engineering at the Semiconductor Business Unit of Capgemini Engineering.

How does a usual day working at Capgemini look like?

A usual day at Capgemini is very engaging and fun. We start our day with a daily sync up meeting with the team discussing on the issues and action items to be performed for the day. If any critical issues need to be taken care of, we schedule a short sync up call to do the analysis, perform a debug session, and sort it out to get it fixed with top priority. Apart from our daily tasks, we plan team gatherings like team lunches, outings and birthday celebrations which allow us to have good interaction among the engineers.

What excites you about your job and what makes it special working at Capgemini?

At Capgemini, I have an opportunity to work on chips with latest technology nodes like 5nm, 6nm, 7nm & 10nm & low-power techniques that enable future generation products in the space of 5G, IOT, Automotive and many more. I am working on high-frequency design blocks above 1GHz with high instance counts in millions. These blocks are used for mobile processors, networking chips and automobiles etc. We do extensive work with low-power implementation and timing signoff for wearable devices like smartwatches and other battery-operated devices like mobile phones and cameras. I also have an opportunity to do independent technical trade-offs between power, area, and timing. We work on Full Chip level floor planning, partitioning, timing budget generation, power planning, top-level PnR, CTS, block integration and ECO generation.

How does Capgemini enable you to upskill and reskill?

Capgemini has End to End expertise starting from Specifications, RTL, Verification, Physical Design, DFT and Analog designs. Capgemini provides me the opportunities to work on different domains and clients, which helps me improve my technical skills. Access to Capgemini’s international network allows me to explore the new tools, industry standards, and technologies across the world. I have also got an opportunity to work abroad as onsite project which helped me grow in my career.  

How does Capgemini help create work-life balance for you?

Capgemini gives us the tools and technology we need to work flexibly and have meaningful work experiences and connections even remotely. The supportive work environment allows you to drive your own professional development in the most suitable conditions for yourself. 

How is Capgemini empowering and encouraging you to create your own career path and achieve your goals?

I started my career as an intern at Capgemini and today I am a Senior Professional Engineer with a team of 20 engineers reporting to me. This growth over the past decade is a testament to the tools and opportunities for development that the company provides.  

Tell us about the most memorable moment in your Capgemini journey?

My most cherished moment at Capgemini was when my team and I were the first to complete a successful tapeout on 5NM technology at a client location within a very short deadline. The client was very pleased with our work and organized a surprise party for our team where we were asked to cut a cake and celebrate our success!

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