Taking the Plunge from Pre-emptive to Predictive in the era of Digital Utility 4.0

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Driving the Future with Intelligent Asset Management

Around the world, asset-intensive utilities have been investing billions of dollars to operate and maintain a diverse range of their asset portfolios. The traditional ways of managing the assets are neither cost-effective nor are they optimising the maintenance operations and reliability. The utility organizations are unable to prioritize their capital investment decisions on assets and maintenance in alignment with their corporate strategy.

Throughout this journey over the last few decades, utilities firms have evolved their asset management strategies and will continue to evolve. This is necessitated due to the pressure on their existing asset management solutions such as aging infrastructure, regulatory compliances and other challenges.

In an insightful Blog, Vineet Sharma Director, SAP APAC Centre of Excellence, Capgemini India details the evolution of asset management strategies with SAP’s Strategy delivered through SAP® Intelligent Asset Management Solution.

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