👏 Announcing the Launch of our ‘Careers at Capgemini India’ profiles on Facebook and Twitter 👏

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We are excited to announce that our ‘Careers at Capgemini India’ profiles are now live on Facebook and Twitter. Join us and #GetTheFutureYouWant

Capgemini India is a collective of happy and passionate minds working together. Life at Capgemini goes beyond work and is always brimming with a dynamic and fun environment – one where people not only ace at their field of expertise but also give meaning to their passion. Furthermore, stories revolving around ‘Life at Capgemini’ across offices in India have entertained us, motivated us to stay positive even in difficult times, made us happy. With that, we’re taking the opportunity of announcing the launch of our new social media profiles dedicated to celebrating our (existing and future) employees – YOU, front and center.

We’re thrilled to take this step where we plan to keep you up to date on all the great things happening at Capgemini India. You will find regular updates about all fun activities across offices, information about expanding our teams, inspiring employee stories, diversity and inclusion initiatives, new employee announcements, and more!

If you’re interested in being a part of our extraordinary team at Capgemini India and experience life at Capgemini, make sure to visit and follow our ‘Careers at Capgemini India’ pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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