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Venky Chennapragada

Expert in DevOps

I am working as DevSecOps Leader/Architect at Capgemini, leading many large enterprises Bi-Modal IT, DevOps transformations. I Lay out DevOps Strategy, perform current state assessment, do value stream mapping, build road map, business case and a blueprint. I work on automating Environments on AWS, AZURE Clouds. I build Container Orchestration using Docker Swarm/Kubernetes, Setup CI/CD using AWS cloud formation templates, Azure Resource templates or Ansible scripts. I am responsible for source code management to build engineering to packaging to release management.

Venky Chennapragada

My experience

Devops Architect/Consultant @ Capgemini Consulting

Jul 2015- Present

Director (DevOps) @ Information Technology & Services

Sep 2010 – Jul 2015

Director @ Information Technology & Services

Nov 2005 - Aug 2007

Global Integration Manager @ Information Technology & Services

Oct 2002 - Sept 2005

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