World Climate Forum Europe 2020

Capgemini Invent is a proud partner and keynote speaker at World Climate Forum Europe webinar on the 17-18th November 2020, as part of the London Climate Action Week 2020.

World Climate Forum (WCF) Europe concludes the global 2020 WCF series, following the earlier forums on North America and Asia. The WCF offers an engaging digital collaboration platform over two days to raise collective ambition and support the implementation of successful and scalable solutions across the region with an emphasis on the COP26 priority action areas.

Making the right choices for more sustainable business growth

Advancing Net Zero Targets

World Climate Forum Europe is being held during London Climate Action Week. Capgemini Invent will join senior policymakers and key public and private actors from around the world for action-oriented discussions on advancing net zero targets across all sectors to achieve a low-carbon economy.

Key themes at this year’s forum will include:

  • Energy Transition and the Energy Value Chain
  • Sector Coupling and the Decarbonisation of Economies
  • Creating Climate Neutral Cities and Innovating Infrastructure
  • Investment Opportunities in a Climate Resilient Economy

Day 2: November 18th at 3pm CET. Keynote Address delivered by Capgemini Invent

Title: Making the right investments and technology choices to set Europe on course for climate neutrality by 2050.

Organizations are increasingly looking at new technologies to find the solutions they so desperately need to transition to a more sustainable future. This session looks at how the modern enterprise can identify the potential of artificial intelligence and other emerging digital technologies. What impact will these technologies have on the environment, and how will they disrupt business operations to accelerate climate action and steer a course towards cleaner growth?

Speakers: Jean-Baptiste PERRIN & Sara MOUBARAK from the Invent for Society team – with the collaboration of James HAYCOCK (Brand & Experience VP at Capgemini Invent UK – in charge of Idean)

Keynote Session Material

**The Capgemini Research Institute will be releasing their latest report titled AI in Climate Change on the 17th November. The report seeks to understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can accelerate our response to climate change. The research approach draws on a range of tactics, from using climate models developed for estimating the impact of AI on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to a survey of over 400 sustainability executives and 400 business/tech executives from the automotive, industrial/process manufacturing, energy & utilities, and consumer products and retail industries.

Case Studies

  • Reducing waste through retail sales predictions. Watch the video here
  • Leading an aircraft manufacturer’s CO2 roadmap to 2030. Watch the video here
  • Clean Energy Transition. Watch the video here
  • Helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Watch the video here
  • Developing and operationalizing sustainable packaging strategies. Watch the video here






Event details

November 17, 2020 9:00 am
November 18, 2020 5:00 pm

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