We are excited to invite you to TDW-Live#7 – TDW Annual Conference event that  focuses on the ‘doing’ of technical information for product support and takes a holistic view of technical information around product support.

In today’s business environment, Service has become a more integral part of an organization success, more than the product. Quick turnaround in service lifecycle, ensures that Business of every customer using complex engineering systems become profitable.

Join us on November 15, 2017 for a thought provoking session where our leaders will talk about latest trends and impact of Digital Transformation.

Session Title: Service Excellence through Digital Transformation

November 15, 2017 at 2.45 p.m.

Capgemini’s Digital Technical Content Management (DTCM) is an evolution for technical publications by bringing interactivity into consumption of technical data. We bring rich experiences in creation of Digital Solutions integration a complex set of technologies across AR, VR, MR, PLM, SAP to provide the best of framework integration  to deliver solutions that are suited for optimal Service Lifecycle.

Looking forward to seeing you at Bristol..