World Summit AI: Join us at the world’s biggest AI gathering in Amsterdam

The World Summit AI is an official World AI Week (WAIW) event, the world’s first week dedicated to AI, and the official annual meeting place of the global AI ecosystem. Come join us as we co-host the best brains of AI under one roof!

Our Perform AI offering, which exemplifies how the real world power of AI can be harnessed, will be our main track at the event. Outcome-led and driven by priority business challenges, Perform AI is Capgemini’s unique, holistic AI service portfolio which promises to take you beyond MVP to deliver AI at scale for maximum impact.

We promise you two days full of excitement and innovation:

  • AI IN ACTION: Real-life use cases from the top AI brains in enterprise and big tech, explaining how AI is redefining their business paradigms
  • DEEP DIVE TECH: The world’s leading tech innovators across industry and academia on fundamental showcase groundbreaking new innovations in AI
  • ETHICAL AND FAIR AI: Discover what responsible AI looks like in practice and learn how to ensure AI develops as a force for good

Make sure to be present at our speaker sessions, where our experts will demonstrate how you can industrialize AI at scale and accelerate your AI-infused transformation to realize sustainable and trusted business performance! A quick look, below

Day 1
11:00 – 12:00
890 by Capgemini: the fast track catalog of AI in action

Marc Chemin, Global Head of Data Science & Analytics, Capgemini Sergey Patsko, Vice President, Custom AI Solutions
Marc Chemin Sergey
Steven Mortonson, Principal – Consumer Products & Retail, Capgemini Invent Robert Engels, Head of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Capgemini
Steven Mortonson Robert Engels

Capgemini’s brand new AI & Analytics marketplace: 890 by Capgemini – A Data, Insights and Outcomes exchange showcases what’s in the carefully curated catalog of ready-to-implement AI and analytics solutions and algorithms that will kickstart your journey towards thriving on insights!

Day 1
14:15 – 14:35
Bridging the gap between technology and business: One Data Program for AI & Data Usage Limitless 

Agnès Roquefort, Senior VP Transformation Strategy & Data, Accor Sebastien Guibert, VP Head of Artificial Intelligence, Capgemini France
Agnes R Sebastien

Whether at the early stages or looking for guidance in your AI transformation, AI Activate designs a vision for where and how AI should be applied in your enterprise. xIt defines your AI strategy and architecture, discovers, prioritizes and executes use cases towards your AI-driven transformation paths, and builds the foundations to maximize business impact by industrializing AI at scale.

Day 1
14:15 – 15:00
Perform AI for CPR

Kees Jacobs, All-Channel Experience Lead Nick Farrington-Darby, Managing Consultant (Retail/CPG), Capgemini Consulting
Nick Darby

The ever-evolving consumer products and retail business landscape calls for a radically new approach – one that is pragmatic yet innovative, rigorous but efficient, swift and sustainable. In this session we will demonstrate real-life examples of the added value of AI to truly understand the consumer’ needs and occasions, to deliver seamless cross-channel experiences, to engage via human-like dialogues and to drive consumer-driven supply chains.

Day 1
15:20 – 16:10
Trusted AI in Action

Moez Draief, Partner – Chief Scientist, Capgemini Invent Isabelle Budor, Principal (Consultant)
Moez Isabelle

How do you build and deliver trusted and respectful AI for employees, clients, and a better society?
Come discover our techniques and see trusted AI in Action. Capgemini has developed concrete solutions and our trusted AI is a cornerstone when helping organizations Activate AI to improve their existing business, through new propositions, markets, and services. Come explore trusted AI in action with us!

Day 1
16:30 – 17:15
Perform AI for Public Sector

Pierre-Adrien Hanania, Global Offer Lead, AI in Public Sector

At the crossroad between citizenship, political action and technology, artificial intelligence is hiding great treasures for the Public Sector. Whether it is detecting tax evasion, predicting crimes or accelerating the attribution of social benefits, artificial intelligence is a powerful companion for the whole spectrum of public services. Let’s explore these questions in this session about the unleashed power of an AI-enabled Public Sector.

Day 2
Chair throughout the AI in Action track

Anne-Laure Thieullent, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Group Offer Leader, Capgemini


Day 2
12:00 – 12:20
AI in Action track – Project FARM: Applying AI For Positive Futures

Ron Tolido, Executive Vice President, Global CTO, Capgemini Insights & Data Marijn Markus, Senior Data Scientist

Project FARM combines a compelling mix of AI and open data to improve the lives of 20,000 smallholder farmers. FARM connects local actors like farmers, traders and suppliers through an AI-powered and data-driven platform. Through predictions and advice on factors like soil quality and yield, FARM helps optimize not only the lives of smallholder farmers – but the entire local value chain. First in Kenya, then the world. FARM not only illustrates how to effectively infuse technology drivers with AI, but more importantly demonstrates how to leverage AI to create better, positive futures for more people.

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Event details

October 9, 2019
October 10, 2019
Taets Park | Zaandam | Netherlands