BEYOND—The Global HR Leadership Forum 2018

What impact will the future of work, HR, and the workplace have on society? BEYOND HR Forum 2018 aims to transform your thinking about HR, shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not yet considered. Going “beyond” the changes in technology that are impacting HR, BEYOND HR focuses on technology in the context of society and how social impact can be generated.

Join us at BOOTH #03, where on top of a very warm welcome, our experts will be happy to share insights on how Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations puts your individual employee at the center of your learning operations through a comprehensive learning suite of small, quick-to-activate learning platforms that delivers extraordinary value across your business.

At Capgemini’s own Masterclass session, our Chief Learning Officer, Daylon Lutzenberger, will talk about how Capgemini has reimagined its learning proposition for the digital age, through personalized and digital channel learning that leverage artificial intelligence to deliver “Read, Watch, Do” learning access. You will also learn how Capgemini has responded to the way in which different learners react to the changes in learning delivery through the Employer Contract.

We warmly invite you to BEYOND HR Forum 2018 and really hope to meet you there!

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Digital Employee Operations

With today’s workforce becoming more global, mobile, social and flexible, workforce expectations for consumer-grade experiences are rising.


Digital Learning Operations

Many businesses face seemingly unresolvable skills shortages. Deepening misalignment between the labour market and skills’ requirements, combined with a prolonged amount of time to train employees to a satisfactory level of proficiency, means that many businesses are constantly struggling to maintain a baseline level of skills competency.

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June 14, 2018
June 15, 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands