Lead with purpose

Engage with consumers on a deeper, more meaningful level

Today’s shopper is more conscientious than ever. They are driven by traditional levers, like cost, choice and convenience, but also want to align with brands and retailers that share their values and support the causes that are important to them.

This myriad of issues – from sustainability and social justice to equality and community development – fall under the umbrella of “purpose” and it is a hugely important point of differentiation for brands and retailers. In fact, it’s moved from being the hook to the anchor in terms of consumer confidence and decision. 

In the past, operating a profitable business and pursuing a higher purpose may have seemed like a paradox. But in the current landscape, organizations are realizing that business at the expense or ignorance of the planet and the communities being served is simply no longer viable. To succeed today, companies need to adopt a mindset that simultaneously serves the business, its customers, their communities and the planet. This often means adopting the technologies and tools that enable them to innovate and become change agents for our communities, our industry and the world at large.

For example, our company is working with major CPGs and retailers to leverage generative AI to improve sustainability by reducing food waste among consumers. As part of this program, we are working with our clients to use technology to better understand how consumers intend to use the food in their home and, as a result, offer helpful recommendations during the shopper journey.
Though this program is categorized as a sustainability initiative that helps reduce waste among consumers, it also allows the companies to optimize production and inventory levels and lower costs by reducing waste at the store level. In this way, we not only see how purpose and sustainability can create a stronger connection with the consumer, but also help companies unlock new avenues of growth, reduce costs, and improve margins.

Breitling verbessert Co2-Emissionen mit Salesforce Net Zero

Breitling, Capgemini & Salesforce entwickeln Plattform zur CO2-Datenverwaltung, um Effizienz & Genauigkeit zu verbessern.

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