Software Development: Increased Productivity with Improved Predictability

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Vendex KBB IT Services and Capgemini collaborate to pilot Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System

“From our perspective, the adaptability and stability was particularly striking and has given us confidence to add Visual Studio Team System to our existing Microsoft development toolset.”

Ed Houweling, Development Manager, Vendex KBB IT Services

The Situation

Vendex KBB IT Services provides many of the technology services and solutions to organizations in the Vendex Group, the largest non-food retailer in the Netherlands.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it wanted to increase the productivity and predictability of its software development environment.

The Solution

Working with partner Capgemini, the company trialed Microsoft Visual Studio Team System in Beta. In a pilot lasting under 30 days, the team uncovered a raft of benefits for their development teams.

The Result

Vendex KBB IT Services enjoys an improved software development lifecycle with more integrated team-working across all developer team roles. A simpler, integrated workflow and process delivers greater return on investment, and the toolset supports the company’s drive for CMM accreditation.


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