Seamless Integration of HVB Romania and BCIT Achieved in Record Time

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Capgemini plays a successful role in merger project that was recognized as a winner.

“The project team, including Capgemini, has not only mastered the merger process but also paved the way for a successful future of UniCredit Group in Romania.”
Andreas Gschwenter, COO, UniCredit Tiriac Bank

The Situation

In order to further expand in Romania, the former HVB Group—now part of UniCredit Group—acquired Banca Comerciala Ion Tiriac (BCIT) and subsequently merged it with its local subsidiary.

HVB Group needed a competent integration partner to spearhead the complete legal, organizational and technical merger, which had to be accomplished within 10 months.

The Solution

Based on the positive experience in previous merger programs, Capgemini was again entrusted as integration partner. In an exciting collaboration between the two banks, the head office, the software provider WAVE Solutions, 3rd party providers and Capgemini, HVB Romania and BCIT have been seamlessly integrated into one legal entity with one IT system.

In addition, new business strategy, organizational structure and business processes, together with the Group’s international service standards, were rolled out.

A transparent project setup ensured a quick decision-making and escalation process, while continuous change management activities provided stability and confidence. Experience from previous merger projects helped overcoming difficult situations.

The Result

In spite of a tight time schedule and challenging conditions, the project was successfully accomplished in ten months.

Already in the year of the merger, the bank as well as its clients reaped the first benefits. The bank’s profit surged and KPIs showed considerable improvement. Clients received access to state-of-the-art service standards in an enlarged countrywide branch network.

Recognizing the outstanding work done, Capgemini and the bank were jointly recognized by The Banker with the Technology Awards 2007 for the best back-office project of the year.