Project Obsidian Helps Uecomm Gear Up To Future Challenges

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Capgemini works with Australia’s leading telecommunications carrier to refine business strategies and carve a clear roadmap for the future.

“ Complementing tangible and very pragmatic deliverables, Capgemini’s collaborative approach took Uecomm through a very exciting journey and developed the required ownership for us to move forward ”Dean Tognella, CEO, Uecomm

The Situation

As a licensed telecommunications carrier, Uecomm owns and operates one of the largest and most advanced metropolitan optical networks in Australia. Uecomm’s customers are always looking for increased security, productivity and competitive advantage. Uecomm needs to continuously develop creative and innovative solutions to transform communication networks.

To ensure that dynamic demands of customers were addressed more efficiently, Uecomm’s management team began searching for a solution that could reinvigorate the company’s business framework through a new strategy and supporting culture.

The Solution

Capgemini worked in close collaboration with Uecomm to deliver a comprehensive strategic and culture roadmap together with supporting initiatives, labeled as “Project Obsidian.”

Capgemini refined with Uecomm a new strategy that had been in development for close to six months.

Capgemini worked collaboratively with Uecomm management team and staff to define the new culture and leadership behaviours required to support the strategy achievement and develop an implementation roadmap, supported by a comprehensive communications strategy. 

The Result

Project Obsidian provided two clear benefits for Uecomm. Firstly, Uecomm now has a clear path to its future thanks to a clear vision, strategy and culture transformation roadmap containing a series of initiatives that will deliver its 2009 strategy. Secondly, the project has re-energized Uecomm. It provided a real sense of purpose and direction for staff and created a motivating atmosphere as employees became aware of the exciting changes ahead.

Obsidian allowed Uecomm to accomplish an enormous amount of work in a short seven week period. Thanks to the success of Obsidian, Uecomm now has a new vision, a clear strategy and inspiring set of values to live by.