Telia Sets Up CRM System in Record Time

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In just ten weeks, Capgemini designs and implements Telia’s new cloud-based CRM system from, to streamline and automate the sales process. 

“ We are really very satisfied. From management’s perspective, we only have positive things to say about the process and the solution because we have gained a far better overview, can exercise management based on KPIs and it is easier to budget and plan.Everything has become more transparent and predictable.. ”Peter Krogsgaard, Sales and Marketing Director, Telia Mobility

The Situation

After many years in the Danish market,Telia has collected a large volume of data on its business clients.Due to historical reasons, the data was placed on various systems that were not integrated and it was not possible to have this data easily available so a complete picture of each business client’s involvement with Telia could not be provided.

Telia Denmark decided to introduce a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which could retrieve data from the various systems to support the sales personnel in their daily work. With this in place, they could see an overview of each client’s profile and understand what services were optimal to sell to the client. Moreover, the system would provide a better overview to sales management on turnover, earnings and lifetime per client and pipeline as well as the department’s performance. Telia was interested in Capgemini’s and’s solution to introduce a CRM system in a short period of time. Time-to-market was critical because a system was needed immediately in order to solve challenges.

The Solution

In order to acquire a well-tested and solid solution, which has documented its worth and which can be quickly implemented,Capgemini suggested the market-leading CRM and sales automation solution from’s systems are constructed to handle major clients’ vast data volumes and are cloud-based so neither physical hardware such as servers, or new programs need to be installed. It is also unnecessary to make changes to the configuration on the users’ computers at Telia.

The Result

Telia’s employees now have a professional tool that provides quality, up-to-date information about individual clients and provides better opportunities to sell the company’s services. Sales management can see patterns such as how many sales meetings end up as client agreements in each client segment when a campaign is run for specific types of companies.
Telia has become better at placing new clients in the correct segment from the outset. Its business clients are benefitting by being contacted with more relevant enquiries about products and services. The CRM system includes both mobile clients and fixed network/broadband clients, and it functions entirely as originally intended, giving Telia full insight into their clients.


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