Targeting Customer Segments Improves ROI on Retailer’s Marketing Spend

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The Situation

With stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany, the international retailer’s 10,000 odd employees are committed to offering customers a personalized and compelling shopping experience. The company prides itself on being a strong brand that sets it apart from its competitors.

As part of its mission to provide value to customers, the retailer constantly announces special offers across all its product lines. In order to make the in-store experience even more engaging, the retailer has deployed digital signage screens across its stores.

During its pilot phase, the retailer placed the signage screens in strategic points across one store, including the restaurant area, behind cash registers and along the aisles. The screens displayed diverse information from menus to advertisements. Though the screens looked appealing, the retailer was unable to measure performance of the signage boards with respect to customer engagement, or to compare effectiveness against more traditional signage tools. Capgemini was commissioned to overcome this challenge.

The Solution

Capgemini worked with the retailer and Intel to integrate the Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) into its existing digital signage environment. By using sensors and sophisticated algorithms, the Intel AIM Suite could carry out real-time analytics on the visual characteristics of a viewer. In turn, this helped determine audience demographics and provided additional insights about potential and actual audiences for visual messaging and merchandizing.

The Intel® AIM Suite analyzes viewers by variables like gender and age range, and how long they view a piece of digital content. This provides the retailer with objective and quantitative analysis of messages. This type of analysis helps the retailer identify information for the day or the week such as the most compelling messages or product-demand variation.

Capgemini installed webcams on top of several digital signage screens in the pilot store, which were connected to an Intel® NUC (Intel’s ultra compact form-factor PC), powered by Intel® Core™ i3 processors, and ran the Intel AIM Suite. The webcams measure real-time viewer metrics, without saving any content or individually-identifiable details. The anonymous information is then sent, through a secure in-store Wi-Fi connection to the Intel AIM Suite backend, where false positives are filtered. From here, the data is extracted to Capgemini’s SAP HANA database for in-depth, on-demand analysis and reporting.

The Result

The data gathered by the Intel AIM Suite gave the retailer new and improved insight into how well each of its digital signage screens was performing. Capgemini helped the retailer analyze the demographics of its customers by breaking down the results based on a number of parameters, including screens, campaign, day of the week and hour of the day.

The retailer could leverage this data to delve into behavioral trends of in-store customers and identify several opportunities to enhance its business. These included:

  • Streamlining operations: The in-store restaurant could, for example, adjust its operations to accommodate senior visitors who were found to lunch one hour earlier than other shoppers.
  • Enhancing screen and content placement: Some screens were found to be positioned at an inappropriate height or behind an infrequently used cash register, resulting in lesser eyeball traction. Identifying this issue helped the retailer to reposition screens.
  •  Improving message targeting: Insight into target groups’ shopping behaviour in the store, enabled the retailer to structure and target the most appropriate digital content for each of those groups.
  • Providing feedback on reach: The retailer could see how many people watch each screen, and for how long. This provides insight into which content is most compelling. Correlating the AIM data with a people counter at the store entrance can determine how many store visitors have seen the screens.
  • Providing feedback on message target effectiveness: The retailer can assess how many members of a demographic group watched a particular campaign.
  • Providing feedback on a campaign, type of media or length of message: Insights from the Intel AIM Suite enabled the retailer to identify whether a given video was most likely to appeal to adult male watchers who were waiting in line at the take-away food counter.