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[Integrated eCommerce Strategy Helps Retain Brokers and Agents.] Capgemini worked with Swiss Life to create an service portal for sales partners.

“Tiny budgets boost creativity!”

Rolf Louis, Sales Director, Swiss Life Germany

The Situation

A leading service insurer, Swiss Life in Germany was eager to strengthen its
channels to the marketplace by fortifying support for its brokers and multiple
agents. The intent was to provide centralized services using new technologies
and an integrated multi-channel strategy. Unable to achieve this goal, Swiss Life
looked to Capgemini to help it develop a solution to improve its sales processes
and broker retention practices.

The Solution

Capgemini, in cooperation with Swiss Life, created an Internet-based service
portal for the sales partners and formulated a corporatewide e-business strategy.
Sales measurement tools, a communication and transaction platform, and a holistic
content management system were co-developed with Swiss Life to ensure the technologies
met their specific needs.

The Result

With a company-wide competence centre in operation, Swiss Life was able to more
fully support its sales partners and clients. Streamlined processes, a user-friendly
service portal, and improved access to shared information helped the corporation
increase its efficiency and more effectively meet customer needs.

How Swiss Life Germany and Capgemini Worked Together

Swiss Life in Germany provides its clients products in the areas of long-term
savings and protection, with a special focus on risk protection. Despite its apparent
success, the company faced an urgent need to enhance multi-channel collaboration
with its 4,500+ brokers. This in turn would help it boost broker-retention by
delivering better service quality in business to business relations.


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