Tangible Benefits for Södra Cell Customers with Award-Winning Planning System

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Capgemini helps S�dra Cell develop an online portal for rapid information exchange, reduction of administrative time for ordering and drastic releasing of tied capital for customers

“ Capgemini’s unique cooperative approach, innovative ideas and careful analysis of our challenge helped us to deliver tangible benefits to our customers. It also helped get our solution in the spotlight with a Microsoft award for this year’s best integrated e-business solution. ”Jonas Richardson, Customer IT Manager, S�dra Cell

The Situation

S�dra Cell, one of the world’s largest suppliers of market paper pulp, is a company owned by over 50,000 private forest owners in Sweden. Findings of a survey conducted four years ago revealed that S�dra Cell’s customers wanted access to market information, be able to purchase pulp at fixed prices and access better logistics and IT services. Sharing information seamlessly between customers and S�dra Cell would serve business objectives. �

The Solution

Capgemini worked in close cooperation with S�dra Cell to develop a unique solution to allow S�dra Cell to own and manage its customers’ paper pulp stocks regardless of the underlying IT infrastructure. Developed using Microsoft’s .NET technology, the solution is based on a customer portal called “PulpServices Online.” It allows smaller customers to manually administer their pulp needs, while larger customers can choose to integrate their business systems with S�dra Cells’.

Regardless of the interface, information is managed directly in S�dra Cell’s business system. The portal ensures that S�dra Cell and its customers have full control over the exchange of logistical information at all times. It also contains a complete tool for Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI), under which S�dra Cell takes responsibility to manage customer stocks.

The Result

S�dra Cell’s IT investment has already paid off in improved customer relationships and more accurate production planning. The company has been able to create an attractive service that has resulted in simpler work routines for itself as well as its customers. For S�dra Cell, production planning is more accurate with the added value of customers not needing to keep the stock in their books.

Customers can cut capital tied up in stock by up to a million euros and inventory costs by up to 200,000, annually. Working routines have been greatly simplified for all parties. Customers report that they can cut the administrative time of ordering and stock-keeping by 180–450 hours per year at each paper mill, thanks to automated processes via the portal and message exchange service.

The solution, an example of Service-Oriented Architectures, was appointed the year’s best integrated e-business solution at the prestigious Microsoft .NET awards.� Capgemini remains S�dra Cell’s development partner regarding PulpService Online and the e-Hub. The latter is a message broker solution supporting integration at the edge of S�dra Cell’s applications to those of its customers. The solution at S�dra Cell is also an example of a Mashup Corporation. (http://www.mashupcorporations.com/index.html)