Full Time Access to Medical Support Thanks to New System

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In collaboration with The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), Capgemini developed and rolled out a support system for health care advice.

“ With Capgemini’s help, Sweden can offer high quality health care at the right time and cost that is available at all times, securely. ”Jonas Ekberg, Project Manager, SALAR

The Situation

For many years, the Swedish healthcare sector has aspired to have a consistent and efficient system for telephone advice that was integrated across the entire country. Earlier, all counties had different, disconnected systems, with medical content written and maintained in each county. At peak times, it was impossible to move calls to other counties to manage higher workloads more efficiently. A totally integrated system, with a single national number, would allow medical information to be shared, hand over calls and give the entire population quick� and easy access to qualified medical support.

The Solution

In collaboration with SALAR, Capgemini developed a medical content information system to support the nationwide chain of contact centers. Since rollout of the system, Capgemini has been entrusted with Applications and Infrastructure Management. This includes overall responsibility for user support through a collaborative partnership with a subcontractor.

The Result

The development of the system is the first step towards full time access to advanced and quality controlled medical support for all citizens in Sweden. The target is a maximum waiting time of three minutes. Helping citizens to find the right level of treatment instead of, for instance, expensive emergency care, allows the country to improve the availability of better health care in a secure, cost-efficient manner.